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Absolut Blue Label Vodka



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Late Night Vodka Delivery

An iconic Vodka with a rich yet mellow flavour with a distinct character of grain. Perfect on it's own or as a base to hundreds of drinks and cocktails.


Absolut Vodka 70cl

Late Night Vodka Delivery London

One of the world's leading vodka brands, the Absolut we sell today was launched in New york in 1979, the iconic bottle was inspired by a 18th Century medicine flask found in an antique store in Stockholm. Made from all natural ingredients, Absolut contains no added sugar unlike other vodka's, so it is as pure as a vodka can be.

Absolut is produced through continuous distillation in Ahus, L.O. which is the birth town of the founder of Absolut, Lars Olsson Smith. It also happens to be the place where the wheat that is used to make Absolut is grown and the homeplace of the deep well that filters the water that is taken to produce Absolut Vodka.

Call 02071122333 now to have a bottle Absolut Vodka delivered directly to your door. Create your favourite cocktail by visiting our mixers page for more ways to enjoy your favourite drink.


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