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Courvoisier Cognac


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Late Night Brandy Delivery London
In 1809 Emmanuel Courvoisier and the mayor of Bercy, Louis Gallois founded a wine and spirit company in Paris, the company was orginally started to act as a trade company that would supply the best cognacs to the region, but the pair ended up realising that the only way they could supply the best was if they themselves made the best, and so began the production of Courvoisier cognac. Their reputation spread and before long the Emperor Napolean Bonaparte paid them a visit, after tasting their Courvoisier cognac he ordered several barrels to be distributed amongst his troops in order to lift their morale during the Napoleanic Wars.

Once Napolean was defeated at the Battle of Waterloo, he was exiled to St Helena, a remote island in the Atlantic. He was granted one luxury item to take with him to exile and he chose, of course, lots of casks of Courvoisier cognac, which was not only enjoyed by him but also the English officers on board the ship that brought Napoleon to exile. They ended up calling it 'The Brandy of Napoleon', a title which still rings true today.

We still enjoy the same Courvoisier cognac that Napolean once did as the exact same production method that was used 200 years ago is still in force today. So call now to get a bottle delivered to your door and maybe you can end the debate on whether the Courvoisier bottle is actually shaped after Josephine (Napoleon's wife) and her love of corsets or could it be an inverted copy of an early brandy glass?

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