Evian Mineral Water Delivery London

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Evian Mineral Water 1.5ltr



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Liquid Drops Drinks Delivery

Evian Mineral Water 1.5ltr


Evian Mineral Water 1.5ltr

Liquid Drops Drinks Delivery

Owned by the Danone Group, Evian is a well known brand originating from Evian-les-Bains on the South shore of Lake Geneva.

In 1789 Evian was discovered when the Marquis de Lessert drank from the Sainte Catherine spring and proclaimed that his health improved from regularly drinking this water. From then until now, Evian is associated with class and well being, and is the most easily recognised bottled water in the world.

Whether you are after alcohol, cigarettes or mixers, don't forget to add an ice cold, crisp bottle of Evian Water to your order and keep everyone at the party happy!

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