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Late Night Spirits Delivery

A digestif from Germany made with 56 individually unique herbs and spices that create an amazing explosion of aniseed that's reminiscent of childhood cough remedies.


Jagermeister 70cl

Late Night Spirits Delivery london

Known for its iconic Jagerbombs, a combination of Red Bull & Jagermeister, this drink is a truly unique experience for the senses. A drink full of spice and best served ice cold.

Originating from Wolfenbuttel, Lower Saxony, Germany, It's history and creation are steeped in mystery becoming Germany's finest most imported alcoholic beverage.

The herb cellar known as "Kräuterkellerei", is where Jägermeister is produced and its doors only open for the finest quality of herbs, roots & spices.

A beverage created via herbal extraction, it's all natural ingredients include Ginger and Cinammon, Star Anise is responsible for jagers iconic flavour, the Cardamom and Orange peel are but to name a few, as naturally some ingriedients are a secret and only known to the Meisters (master distillers).

Produced is a dark blown coloured liquid. But dont let it put you off as the most exquisite flavours are amalgamted within and make for one tasty drink.

The final product ends up at a neat 35% abv 61 proof UK.

Hunters used to collect the herbs and spices during hunting trips using traditional methods which gives light as to why a Stag was chosen as the iconic emblem which gives thought to the tradition, quality and preservation which surrounds Jagermeister.

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