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Martell VS Cognac



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Martell VS Cognac 70cl


Martell VS Cognac 70cl

Brandy Delivery London
Established in 1715 by Jean Martell, the Martell cognac House is one of the oldest in the world. A young merchant from Jersey in the channel Islands, Jean Martell started trading on the banks of the Charente before founding one of the first cognac houses. Survived by his sons and grandson who took up the business and continued his tradition but developed into exporting thus resulting in Martell being the number one cognac in England in 1814.

The first VSOP was created in 1831, and shot Martell into worldwide fame with exports to Japan and other Asian markets, but one of Martell's most famous products by far is the Cordon Bleu which was created in 1912. Using it's own unique distillation methods that have been passed on from the days of Jean Martell, Charentais copper sills and fine-grained oak barrels are all used to produce the Martell VS that we enjoy today.

Originally called Trios Étoiles or Three Stars, Martell VS can be enjoyed in various ways and is perfect to use as a base for numerous cocktails. 

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