Patron Non Vintage Silver Tequila

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Patron Non Vintage Silver Tequila



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Patron Silver 100% Tequila Agave


Patron Non Vintage Silver Tequila 75cl

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Patron Silver 100% Tequila Agave

The entire Patron production process happens at the spectacular Hacienda Patron. It is a unique place that acts as part palace and part factory. Tucked away in the highlands of Jalisco, Mexico, its design was based around showing off the grace and spirit of Mexico's traditional haciendas. The Hacienda Patron is open to special guests and employees for them to enjoy at their leisure.

The Patron ethos states that in order to make the best tequila you will require time, skill and a pure heart and as Patron is the number one in the world when it comes to exporting pure 100% agave tequila they should know!

Made from the agave plant which is part of the lily family, a plant with rosettes of narrow spiny leaves. The Blue Weber Agave, that is used in Patron tequila is aptly named after its discoverer as well as its colour and is a native plant of South America. The agave plant requires a maturation period of 6 to 7 years before its ripe enough to harvest for tequila production, and only then is the sweet heart of the plant known as the pina harvested by jimadors (skilled workers), who in turn pass their harvest to the master distiller, Francisco Alcaraz who uses his skills of touch, taste and sight, coupled with the latest technology to choose and create the perfect agave. 
Once the finest pinas are trimmed and cut down they are placed in traditional masonry ovens to be steamed in small batches. The sweet pina is softened, then shredded and placed in traditional shallow stone pits to be milled by natural stone which is a time honored tradition. The juice from the agave is fermented in wooden tanks and double distilled in traditional copper pot sills before each batch is finely filtered and bottled. The water used is also sourced on site from a natural spring water deep well which adds to the refined taste.

Each bottle of Patron Silver Tequila is unique, as the measure of glass used is hand poured by a master glass artisan and handmade. Every single bottle is washed with tequila before being filled as a way to set the right environment for the bottle to receive the awe inspiring 100% Agave Patron Tequila. From harvest to bottling every bit of care and attention has been spent on your bottle, right down to hand tied ribbon, and every hand numbered bottle is checked to ensure that it is perfect before it is allowed to be released from the hacienda.

Fun Fact: Did you know more than 60 skilled hands would have worked on your bottle of Patron by the time it reaches you. 


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