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Red Bull



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Red Bull Energy Drink


Red Bull Energy Drink

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Red Bull is world famous for many reasons, its an iconic energy drink that is most commonly combined with vodka and is most commonly known for its advertised slogan "It gives you wings".
A flavorsome carbonated energy drink best served cold but can be drunk at room temperature.
Red Bull lives up to the hype around it, it literally 'vitalizes the body and mind' which is a registered trademark slogan. 
Red Bull can be used as an energy drink for that extra boost in sport or even just a pick me up when your feeling tired and drained.
Fun fact: did you know that you can drink Red Bull to give you that extra edge for pretty much anything, be it sport, games, video games, studying, clubbing, training, adventuring and the list goes on, day or night there's always time for a Red Bull.
The main ingredients are Taurine, Caffeine, Glucose, Sucrose, Alpine Spring Water and B-Group Vitamins.

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