Liquid Drops Ltd ® Terms and Conditions

  • We only sell alcohol to over 18's, identification will be required if you are lucky enough to look under 25 as we operate a 'challenge 25' policy.
  • Here at Liquid Drops Ltd.® we operate a very strict over 18's policy, if for any reason we require a valid form of I.D. or feel that it is warranted for I.D. to be provided and no valid form of I.D. can be provided then we reserve the right to refuse the sale of any type of alcohol beverage.


  • We at Liquid Drops Ltd.® reserve the right to amend and or withdraw any or all of our offers, discounts & promotions, therefore they are subject to change at our discretion and with no prior warning.
  • Staff have the right to refuse orders to abusive, under-age or overly intoxicated customers.


  • We reserve the right to decline and or cancel any order and at any given time, without prior warning.
  • We at Liquid Drops Ltd.® take safety & security for both our staff and clients very seriously, any form of abuse will not be tolerated.
  • Although we at Liquid Drops Ltd.® take pride in our quick delivery times and strive to meet quoted times of delivery, please note that your ETA (estimated delivery time) may be subject to change at any given time peak or non peak. This would normally be down to unforeseen circumstances that we have no control over and or alteration of a customers order. Your 'ETA' or the estimated time of arrival of your order is just an estimate and can change at peak times and during busy periods.


  • Take advantage of our Liquid Drops® VIP delivery service to jump to the top of our priority and get your drinks fast.


  • Products and prices are subject to change at any given time and without prior warning.


  • Special offers are subject to change and can be withdrawn at any time. VIP customers (see below) have full access to all our limited edition special products such as The Aurora Crystal Head Vodka. Please call for availability.


  • Alcohol will only be delivered to a registered address (verified by Royal Mail). Full name and full address must be provided in order to receive an alcohol delivery.


  • Orders will only be taken upon verification of the delivery address; failure to supply a valid address will lead to the rejection of your order.
  • Liquid Drops Ltd® will only accept GBP sterling, we reserve the right to not accept any other currency at our discretion and at any time.
  • For security reasons all card payments must be made via chip and pin at time of delivery, over the phone, signature and swipe payments are NOT accepted.
  • The minimum charge for all orders (not including delivery) is £35, we also reserve the right to change minimum order amount without prior warning.


  • Please note our £20 VIP delivery takes precedence over the standard delivery wait time average of 1 hour and pushes your order to the top of our queue system re-routing your order to the nearest drinks delivery driver to ensure a fast average wait time of 10-15 minutes. We guarantee to have your drinks at your door in under 20 minutes.


  • Minimum charges may not apply to our loyal subscribers and VIP customers.


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