Yamazaki Single Malt Distiller's Reserve Whiskey

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Yamazaki Single Malt Whiskey Distiller's Reserve



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Yamazaki Single Malt Distiller's Reserve Whiskey 70cl


Yamazaki Single Malt Distiller's Reserve Whiskey 70cl

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Hailing from Shimamoto, Japan the Yamazaki distillery was Japan's first commerical distillery when it was opened in 1923, by the founder Shinjiro Torii. The location was chosen just on the outskirts
of Kyoto (ancient Japan's capital) as it proved to be the perfect spot due to it's access to a good water supply as well as the favourable climate of high humdity which is ideal for whiskey production.
The Yamazaki Single Malt whisky, has a mellow, delicate taste. It is classed as a meduim bodied whiskey with notes of honey and dried fruit, it will leave a lingering woody finish on the palate.

Fun Fact: Next time you're in Japan why not visit the Whisky Library at the Yamazaki distillery, where on display are seven thousand bottles of unblended malt whisky. 


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